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immoKing PRO - Turnover Reports for Tenants, Landlords, and Real Estate Agents

"immoKing PRO" is the No. 1 choice for property's turnovers and turn-in's on the iPad - intuitive, flexible, versatile.
Developed with experts of the german real estate industry.

Unlimited turnovers / reports, NO additional costs!

"immoKing PRO" is the iPad app of your choice when comes to turnover reports in the real estate business.

Quickly create professional forms including signatures of all parties involved, as a PDF document.

The app guides you step by step through your property's turnovers, starting with capturing the main data of the object until the signing by all persons present and the shipping of the report.

The internal database stores all your data, so that you can always access all prepared, completed or initiated reports.

immoKing PRO Screen 1 capturing object data and persons

"immoKing PRO" is premium.

immoKing PRO Screen 2 premium settings Screenshot

     NO additional costs.
     Unlimited amount of turnovers / reports.
     Customize the PDF's with your own logo.
     Add names, keys, rooms and more - as many as you need.
     Simplest reuse of your reports incl. photos.
     Create / adjust custom text fields.
     Access your contacts to quickly pull up a person's information.
     Sign the reports with your finger or touch pen.
     Send PDF reports via email, to your Dropbox or AirPrint supported printer.
     Generating the PDF and data storage is done within the app, NO external service needed.
     And much more.

"immoKing PRO" is intuitive.

The app guides you step by step through the report, so you won't miss important information, e.g. regarding:

     the object,
     the parties involved (incl. address and bank details),
     the keys (incl. expected / actual number),
     the rooms (incl. any photos needed),
     the meters (incl. number, reading, photo),
     all additional info (e.g. damages, agreements, additional photos).

immoKing PRO Screen 3 intuitiv Screenshot

"immoKing PRO" is time-saving.

immoKing PRO Screen 4 spart Zeit Screenshot

Create Favorites before capturing the report or by the touch of a button while filling the report - Favorites you can reuse easily any time.

     Create Favorites of persons incl. role.
     Create Favorites of objects, rooms, meters, keys.
     Use your stored Favorites directly when creating a report.
     Create custom text fields to use in your reports.
     Simplest reuse / copy of reports incl. photos.
     Adjust your standard email address and your custom email text.
     Automatic presetting of the email copy for all participants.

"immoKing PRO" is flexible.

The Favorite concept of "immoKing PRO" provides numerous options.

You define which Favorites are already content of a new created report.

You can configure all necessary details, like list of participants, rooms with specific facilities and much more, before you start capturing the data on site. When working on a report you can directly pull all information from your corresponding Favorites.

No matter how much data you've captured for your property's turnover, "immoKing PRO" always dynamically creates a professional PDF report for you.

immoKing PRO Screen 5 flexible Screenshot

"immoKing PRO" is more.

     Generating the PDF and data storage is done within the app, NO external service needed.
     Data and PDFs (with signatures) are stored seperatly.
     Archive for revision / reuse of reports WITHOUT signatures.
     Archiving incl. photos independently from the iPad photo album.
     Storage of the PDF reports for resend.
     Automatic presetting of the email copy for all participants.

See for yourself.


There are no limits or additional costs, you can create as many reports as you need.
The signatures are only used once when generating the PDF and won't be stored seperatly. If you leave the screen "Signatures", all parties must sign again. We see this as a function of protecting the involved parties against subsequent modifications of the report.
As many you need. There are no limitations regarding the number of persons, rooms, photos, meters or keys.
Yes. With completion of the signature dialog the generated reports are stored. You can access these PDFs in the "My Reports (PDF)" and send them again.
Dont't worry. The app stores all photos you use in your reports, even if you delete them photos in your iPad photo album.
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See immoKing PRO in action

Only in german by now, sorry. Thanks for this detailed walk through video, Ingo!

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